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A LOT of pictures from last weekend.

Kathleen's birthday lunch with the girls. Maisie enjoyed it. Aunt Kathleen had to turn on the fan in the private dining area for Maisie to watch.

Lunch at Grannie and Nagypapa's for Easter. Warning: Leg of lamb photos. It was delicious, but not everyone is a fan of meat/lamb/food photos.

Alex likes to put things on his head too. Goofball!
Pictures from last week.

Our posting site was down so these are from last week. More to come.

One night Alex decided to pile books in his riding train, then sit on top of them. He toppled over but was ok. Alex also has discovered chips and dip, mmmmmm. Alex likes to watch Elmo ("Melmo") on the computer.
Big picture dump.

Alex likes his Grey Poupon! Watching airplanes, and eating hamantaschen. Then on Saturday morning we played outside since it was our first nice day in a long long time. We saw a couple cargo planes go over from Andrews Air Force Base which was exciting. Then we went to Carrie's for corned beef and cabbage, and Spencer entertained us with a show.

Spencer's Show

Dance Natalie

More means (airplanes)

Recent pictures.

Alex enjoyed brunch at the Silver Diner, and playing more with Toots on Sunday. He was so sad when she left we took him to see the airplanes take off to cheer him up. Alex also love love loves the Airplane book Aunt Andrea got him. We have to read it at least three times in a row.
Recent pictures.

Toots is visiting so we went into DC to pick her up at the train station. She brought Alex some great books and clothes and stickers. Alex also likes to be a big boy and sit on the kitchen stool to eat. The last few pictures are cool functions on our new camera.
We took Alex back to the woman who cut his hair so nicely last September. Then we walked around Old Town since it was such a warm day.

Mad for honey cake.
Saturday night was the Taste of Beth El. JD's Lemon Bars took second place (the homemade Rugelach won). Alex enjoyed all the food, and ate about five pieces of the honey cake the woman next to us made.
Pictures from this past week.

Alex was sick, then got better, then got sick again. He's on meds now and doing fine, aside from cutting another tooth.

Buttons movie

This movie is difficult to see because it is dark, but Alex was enjoying bouncing on the couch and the fact that he got a hold of the TV remote.

oui oui

Pictures from JD's trip to Paris and Manchester last week.

Thought I would post....Paris, the Louvre, art at a Metro station, hotel room, La Defense, L'Arc de Triomphe, train station, then some Manchester shots.