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gaining weight

We are supposed to weigh Vincent at the PMI (Centre de Protection Maternelle et Infantile) every week.  On June 28 he had gained a pound!

Toots left on Sunday, just in time to miss the 2-day heatwave (97 degrees+).  Grannie left today, June 29, taking the A380 to Dulles.  Alex was very jealous, he wants to take the A380.

We also had the end of school meeting in Alex's class yesterday.  Last day of school is July  1.


last Alex school meeting

Week 2 - Vincent becomes a US citizen

LesGrand Mères et Vincent et l'Arc de Triomphe
Toots arrived on Monday.  This week we took Vincent to get the photo for his passport, went to the park, and Vincent had his first venture into Paris, and first bus rides.  We walked up the Champs Elysees and had lunch at Ladurée.  On Friday, Vincent became a US citizen when we reported his birth and applied for his passport at the US Embassy.

And thank goodness for our fabulous friends in the US (Carrie and family, Rose and Beth, Kathleen) who sent us the best gifts for Alex and Vincent, and of course, trash mags for the adults.  And thank you, Heather, for the requested salsa from Austin.

Toots pictures.

more pictures.

Friday and Saturday

Alex went back to school on Friday, and Z and GG went on a tour of Paris (the Marais, Notre Dame, Montmartre) and then we had more wine and cheese.  Saturday was Alex's Fête de l'école and Vincent had his first big outing in Levallois. 



the spread from King David Traiteur Cacher
Today was Vincent's bris.  Some pictures from Z's camera, half taken by Alex, and a few from last night also.


more pictures

The Grandparents start to arrive

Vincent is enjoying being home, he is eating and sleeping like a champ.  Grannie arrived from the US, and we spent the day relaxing and eating.  On Wednesday, Z and GG arrived.

June 13 Grannie arrives

June 14 hanging out at home

June 15 Z and GG arrive

more Vincent in the hospital, and going home

More Vincent pictures from the hospital - hanging out with Alex, watching movies, getting a bath (there is a "training station" where a nurse teaches you how to bathe the baby and you bathe them everyday!), and a visit with the pediatrician.  And finally, some measurements, since they don't do height at birth here. height:  49 cm (19 inches)

June 10

June 11

June 12

June 13 coming home - and Lincoln checks him out

nurse gets him dressed
Alex meets Vincent
Dad and Vincent
Dad, Alex and Vincent
Alex pushes Vincent in bassinet


Born about two weeks early (and one week ahead of his expected c-section!).

Links to all the pictures are below

from the BlackBerry - day one
from the iPod - day one

from the camera - day one
from the camera - day two

June 2011

There was a "ferme" in our town one weekend, complete with a few animals that Alex and the other children enjoyed feeding hay.


feeding the French goat