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last day Dubrovnik & JD's camera

Old Port, Dubrovnik, Croatia

new -
ALL of JD's photos finally!

a few more

More hotel and balcony views, Old City, Star Wars pre-production, a walk down by the port, delicious Italian for lunch, a new umbrella for Vincent, back to the wine bar, back to hotel, some pool time, early morning flight back to Paris, the end.

Croatia was a lovely country, everyone is very nice and friendly and welcoming  Beautiful scenery, great seafood, really good wine, and not too expensive.  We went off-season on purpose to see what it was like so our weather was cooler with more rain than the hot summer.  We hear high season is so mobbed it can be unpleasant and the cruise ship industry has discovered Dubrovnik.  We would definitely go back to the country, perhaps another town or area.  We understand there is a lot more to see!

and yes, this is most likely the Star Wars "landspeeder" undercover, ready for filming! -

more Dubrovnik

view of Fort Lovrijenac from Old City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia
(if you watch "Game of Thrones" you will recognize this Fort)
More hotel balcony views, breakfast, bus to Old City.  Walking the ramparts - it started to rain and was windy, and the scaffolding holding up the crumbling wall above the sea cliffs did not look enticing to me to walk on so we turned back and went to the Franciscan Monastery (to walk the entire wall takes about 3 hours).  Then on to the synagogue museum, the second oldest synagogue in Europe after Prague.  A nice, long lunch at Ragusa restaurant while the rain let up.  Wine tasting at D'Vino Wine bar, more Star Wars set production, back to hotel.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

view of the old walled city of Dubrovnik from Mount Srd
First full day in Dubrovnik.  View from our hotel balcony onto the Adriatic.  Bus into town to the Old Walled City.  It became apparent soon after we began walking around town they were getting ready to film a movie.  Upon further research, we found out they were preparing to film parts of the next "Star Wars" movie.  Very exciting.  Lunch at Kamenice, a cafe famous for oysters, octopus, mussels, and Croatian wine.

part 2
Taxi up the hill to Mt. Srd since the cable car was closed for repairs.  Beautiful views and some friendly cows grazing nearby.

part 3
Back to hotel for the sunset.  Dinner at local restaurant Eden for more regional seafood specialties. Alex had the lobster!

Alex's camera (NEW)

getting ready to film Star Wars in the Old City! :

Zagreb, Croatia

Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croatia
On our way to Dubrovnik, Croatia for vacation.  Half day layover in Zagreb, the capital.  Bus into city, drinks and food at a hotel bar.  Walk into town, tram back to bus back to airport, late flight to Dubrovnik.  Nice locals, good wine, but not our favorite city by far.  Still a bit grim from its history.  If you like to drink and smoke, a great place to go.  Next stop Dubrovnik.