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Vincent's classroom - Grande section (kindergarten)

Vincent and his avocado seed
Open house before Spring Break!

Visiting Vincent's classroom before vacation - so much artwork, workshops, activities, and growing the avocado seed.  Vincent was very proud to show off all of his hard work.

a few more pictures JD's camera

artwork by Vincent - he's very talented!

A self-portrait of Vincent dressed-up as a Ninja Turtle (tortue Ninja) for Mardi-Gras:


Eating, walking, drinking our way through Paris this winter.  Some nice weekend walks.  Two weeks of school vacation (February 4 - 20).

Vincent had a field trip to a "flying machine workshop"in Paris, entertaining ourselves in the apartment in winter, visiting Alex's Centre de Loisir (Rec Center) during the vacation for Open House, then Vincent's, some yummy food and pastries.

Walking to Montmarte neighborhood for a long lunch at La Mascotte, a traditional French bistro.  Delicious long lunch.  Walking up the hill, merry-go-round for the kids, some sugar crepes, the art "Love" wall, on up the hill, then down on the funicular.

The mall, the park, taking Lincoln to the vet, breakfast, another walk into town, lunch at Boeuf sur le Toit, bus home, Mardi Gras.

24 hours in Naples

Outside the Ciccone Guest house, Naples, Italy.

I have no idea why I have not posted in so long!  Time to catch up.  No apologies by the way. Just lots of text.

These are pictures from the last school vacation in early February, during the ski vacation in France when everyone has 2 weeks off to go skiing (and the entire country rotates the 2 weeks by region to keep the ski resorts full all season long - you have to love that, we do).   Let me remind all of you, French kids go to school for 6 weeks, then have off 2 weeks of vacation.  Two months off July and August.  At first a bit odd for an American, now we love it.  Time to rest, travel, and enjoy life.  And those 6 weeks they are in school the teachers crack the whip and the hours are long so vacation is needed for rest they believe.

Back to Naples...

We typically don't go skiing due to the crowds but find some other fun thing to do.  We like the Frech Alps off season by the way.  This year, it was less than 48 hours in Naples …