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Pictures from last weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend - it was a whirlwind of driving despite $4/gallon gas!

First we had to deal with a flat tire as we pulled out from the house. Alex liked the video games at the truck stop. Then we drove to Philly to have lunch with Alicia. Then it was on to Wilmington to visit Toots and Poppie. Alex had fun playing with all the Matchbox cars Toots had kept - some were from 1969 and 1971 and in very good condition. Alex decided to put them in his shirt. We walked around the lake and saw tadpoles in the water. Then we went to the Brandywine Zoo and got to see them feed the otters hunks of meat. Alex read his new truck book from Toots on the way home.
Pictures from last week.

Lincoln was trying to get away from Alex and jumped on the audio pier.
Old Town.
Champions League at Lucky Bar.
Lincoln stalking the baby birds in Alex's window ledge.
Alex likes to get in his toy box and sit.
Dancing a jig movie.

Alex started dancing to the Farm Fridge magnet toy Toots has.
Pictures from sightseeing in DC.

JD's friends Ollie and Anna came to town to visit and we enjoyed the sights on Saturday in DC. We came across an Asian Street Festival where Alex had a corn dog, and we watched an Asian Elvis perform.
Pictures from last week and the weekend.

Andrea stopped by last week and Alex likes to wear her sunglasses. Dane was in town visiting for the weekend and we all had a great visit, including a nice evening at the Cahoon's. Alex loves all of Natalie's toys, including her pink scooter.

Alex loves the book Kathleen sent him

A million pictures from the weekend.

Alex and I spent the weekend with Grannie and Nagypapa since JD was in England. We had great weather both days and a fun visit. Aunt Andrea was there too. Alex enjoyed helping Grannie in the garden, using his grocery cart, and walking up and down steps. We met up Sunday evening with the Cahoon's for Mitchell's birthday dinner after Carrie did the 39 mile Breast Cancer walk.
Recent pictures.

Lately Alex likes to walk around in our shoes. Val gave him this cool toy Bilibo and he went right to "creatively playing with it".

Alex has officially moved into the next class at daycare. Everyday he comes home with his clothes filled with wood chips, the ground covering of the outside playground. He seems to be adjusting to the big kids class.

He's also very into "more, no more", "big and little", and telling us what to do.

"Mama here. No Mama. Here Dada."
"Allie do it" (he pronounces his name Allie)

He loves to walk up the stairs by himself, get the step stool out that Toots gave him and wash his hands, and this week, watch Kermit and Elmo on the computer.