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The 1st Professional Haircut

Sunday April 29th. A beautiful day, we went over and visited with the Cahoon's for a bit. Mitchell gave Alex some nice hugs. Also, see "the hat series" with the fun hat Kathleen gave Alex for his birthday.

Pictures here. Alex got his first haircut from Jamie, of course! Also, we are going cold turkey on no bottle this weekend trying to convert Alex to the sip cup. He was very mad at first, but has adapted by leaning on the leather footrest cube and drinking that way. Other than that, just lots of playing.

El Presidente!

Recent pictures. Alex has been doing this thing lately where he holds up one hand as if he is "addressing the people". We call it El Presidente. Other things that characterize our life this week - car seat facing forward, Lincoln waiting by the high chair for scraps of food that fall on the floor, Alex holding things in his mouth. p.s. Alex needs a haircut we hope to get to it this weekend!

12 month check-up stats:
Height 30 3/4 inches 75-90th percentile
Weight 22 lbs 8 oz 50th percentile
Head 19 1/8" 95-97th percentile (we figured - big head!)

Four immunizations including a new one that combines MMR and chicken pox. Cool.

The 1st Birthday Party!

Sunday Monday. We went to the National Arboretum, then the National Building Museum with Rachel, Jon and Shana. A fun day and a bit hot - it was 85 degrees!

All the pictures. What a fun day! The weather was beautiful and we had such a nice time with family and friends. Margaret Kurtz made the wonderful cake, and Alex received birthday presents he started to play with right away including a Ride-on-Train, puzzles, books, Little People, and some great outfits, like the cabana wear from Kathleen. He also received a Radio Flyer Wagon from Toots and Poppie. Party on.
Pictures from this week. It's been quite a week. First the Nor'Easter, then I was in NY, now JD is in NY, Alex stayed at Grannie's....and preparing for the first birthday. Alex is cutting a new tooth, trying to walk with help, and lately, likes to put things on top of his head.

Mmmmm, a green apple Blow Pop!

Pictures from the past few days. Alex really likes to pull to a stand on things. He also points and "talks" but no pictures of that. He enjoyed his first lollipop on Friday.

I must stand!

April 8th and 9th. Easter Sunday dinner at Grannie and Nagypapa's. Alex enjoyed chewing on the silver rattle. Yesterday Alex had pizza and ice cream. Mmmmm.

Sat April 7th. Eating, standing, standing, eating.

Some pictures from before and after Passover. Getting ready for daycare, eating, waking up from nap with crazy hair, pulling up on dining room chairs.

Alex has started to pull up on things - toys, chairs, etc.


Alex's first Passover Seder. Unfortunately Alex didn't make it through the Seder he was too tired and had to go to bed. However, he did get to eat pickled herring and chopped liver which he really enjoyed.

We're up in Altoona for Passover for a few days visiting family. Tonight's the first seder (with only a mere 30 people!) but the build-up is already well underway.

Saturday & Sunday pics - click here