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Stateside - end of June (and Gab's Boston trip)

Alex and I are in the US for a quick summer visit. Alex is enjoying his usual routine at Grannie's - playing in the kiddie pool, eating popsicles and waffles, getting a haircut, and basically ruling the house. I had a quick jaunt to Boston with the Kurtz women (Margaret, Rose, Barb and Carrie) to visit Kathleen, and let's just say we had a great time and ate our way around Boston. Fun fun fun. And of course we did a Duck Tour!

Paris to Kensington.
Grannie and Aunt Andrea babysitting.

end of June

It's been a bit since I've posted pictures. We've been busy with the end of school and JD has had a lot of travel for work (Milan, NY, London). And then I got sick. But all is better and here comes summer!

playground water fun Tijmen's house Weds class
more playground Jardin and end of school

Lucas' Birthday party

Alex was invited to another birthday party yesterday at the Jardin d'Acclimatation. There was a magician and lots of fun. We have to teach Alex that only the birthday person gets to blow out the candles!


Swimming with school and Jean's 4th Birthday Party

Friday at school they took Alex's class swimming for the day. All the children had a great time - note, they are required to wear bathing caps in France, and no "loose shorts" for the boys. And perhaps only in France will you find the teacher in a bikini! Just my suspicion. Alex is wearing a red cap.

On Saturday Alex was invited to Jean's 4th birthday party. Matt Black sang and everyone had a great time - it was 82 degrees and a nice hot summer day! We also celebrated Jean's sister Yasmina's 3rd birthday. She was kind enough to share her real birthday with Jean for his party.

Lennen swimming All Day Nursery.
Jean's birthday party.

first week of June

We've been enjoying the nice weather that has finally arrived in Paris. We also went to visit a school in our town on Monday. JD had a quick trip to Milan for work, and Alex's school has been doing plantings, transportation, and they went swimming at a local pool on Friday.

lunch in the Marais and new school
plants school cafe Lincoln
Lennen swimming and playground