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back in Paris

Alex and I flew back a week ago and have been enjoying being back in Paris - especially the lovely summer weather with low humidity. Our first task was to bake a cake for JD's birthday on July 19th. Lincoln likes his new bed and sleeping spot in the closet. Alex was glad to get back to his scooter, the park, and watching the trash trucks. We've also purchased a new espresso machine.

more pictures.

last few days in US

Andrea's pictures
We spent the last few days in the US visiting and eating some goodies we can't get in France: wings and crab dip! We spent all day Friday at Mace and Suzanne's, visiting with Eddy and Angie and Aunt Beaty. You can't tell from the pictures it was 90 degrees and humid. Good thing their neighboor Jimmy let us use his pool.

Oh, and that 3.6 earthquake? It awoke us out of bed at 5:05's certainly been an exciting visit this time.

On Saturday I packed and we headed to Carrie's for a quick visit before the plane left at 10 p.m. for Paris.

more pool
bicycle and dogs
more bicycle
playing the keyboard

mid-July in the US

Alex and his cousin Eddy
Our trip to the US is almost up. Alex likes to jump on the futon, talk to his Dad in Paris on Skype, and help Grannie. On Friday we met Aunt Andrea for lunch in Glover Park and had shrimp tacos and a quesadilla at Surfside. On Saturday we dragged Alex to IKEA where he enjoyed trying out the furniture and the lingonberry soda. On Monday we met Aunt Shana in DC for dinner at a Greek place in Dupont Circle called Mourayo. We took the Metro and there was a fire and the escalators and elevators were out at Dupont Circle so there was a little excitement with firefighters and local news crews. Then yesterday we went out to Edgewater to visit Suzanne and Eddy since Aunt Beaty was in town from Charlotte. We are going back on Friday for a longer visit.

sprinkler fun
more sprinkler fun
Alex and Eddy running
Alex and Eddy jumping

heat wave

So, it's been over 100°F now for several days in the DC area so that leaves little to do but play in the kiddie pool or stay inside in the air conditioning. Alex wasn't even interested in his soccer class it was so hot. Today we took a quick field trip to the National Capital Trolley Museum for a ride and tour. Alex loved it. Then there was more sprinkler and naps and fruit snacks.

more beach pictures


The vacation continues...Kensington and Wilmington

Alex and I have been hanging out in Kensington with Grannie and Papa, taking naps, eating out, going to the mall. We've just returned from a 4 day trip to Wilmington to see Toots & Poppie. We were lucky enough to get to go to the beach for 2 days to visit Diane and Murray and their children and grandchildren. Alex had a great time playing in the sand and ocean with Nathan.