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Vincent at preschool

Vincent at preschool
He loves to play in the water and clean.  Most of these were taken through the window in the door so he didn't know we were watching him.  The first two were taken by his teacher.

more pictures.
Alex finished up his Science Camp.  Among other things he made a birdhouse and bug catcher.
The theme was Science in Motion:
- Monday: Jr. Engineers
- Tuesday: Machine Mania
- Wednesday: Crazy Chemistry
- Thursday: The Birds and The Beasts
- Friday: Shutterbugs

JD returned from his week in Chicago and Lincoln got a new bed.  Lincoln loves to watch the birds and rabbits and squirrels out the window.

Getting settled

eggs in a hole at The Limerick Pub - yum
We've spent the past week unpacking boxes and enjoying our new house.  Lincoln moved in and adjusted nicely. Alex has Winter Break and is attending Science Camp.  Yesterday was "Crazy Chemistry" and he made, among other things, crystals, chalk, a tootsie roll, and a chromatography t-shirt.

Valentine's Day and Lincoln moves in.

Carrie brings over our big TV, some meals at the Limerick Pub and Hard Times and a trip to IKEA for some cheap gadgets.

the birds and snacks in the basement at Grannie's
"Run like birds are chasing you." - Bodega Bay 2005

The first picture is a Valentine Alex made for Vincent and put his stroller.

Moving Day

After four years we retrieved our household belongings from storage.  It's great to have our furniture back and everything fits nicely in the "split-entry mid-century modern" house we are renting in Kensington.

Random thoughts:
-Next time we have movers, remove all lightbulbs.  They packed them.  Some still work!
-Why did I store my pleather snow boots from 1994?
-Who needs all those platters and hot plates?
-Glad we saved the wooden car toy from Toots.  Vincent loves it.

putting together furniture pictures

moving day pictures

more house more house pictures

Carrie's Birthday and party


beginning of February

Catching up on some photos from the beginning of the month -
snow Lucky Bar DC


Vincent's first day of preschool

Vincent's first day of preschool

Vincent went right in, no crying, happy to be rid of us.