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A few more pictures from the week. The Drasdo's were in town on holiday from England and came over for dinner. We'll wait for the professional shots from Duncan. Callum and Tiernan had a great time playing with Alex's toys. Alex is also getting so big he can get up on the toy train Z and GG gave him with no problem now.

Shovel in hand + falling = exterior eyelid wound
We had our first toddler accident on Friday. Luckily some Neosporin was all that was required, but Alex has a nice shiner. It is his right eye in the picture.

Alex's first pair of shoes. Went to the mall, got him fitted, got some new shoes! Alex really liked them and took off right away walking all around the mall.

Recent Pictures. Including a BBQ at Alex's daycare and a moonbounce. Yes, that is a scratch on Alex's left cheek, hazards of the Toddler Room.

Alex has been busy the past few days. He stayed with Grannie and Nagypapa for three whole days! He had a great time, eating tons of fo…

Maureen's Baby Shower

Maureen's Baby Shower. A really nice party, and Maisie was ready for her closeup!
The Great Frying Pan Park Adventure. What a great day! First, there was a game to watch. Then we were invited along to the annual Kurtz July August Birthday Celebration. The weather was too cool and overcast to go to the Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole as planned, so the event was moved to Frying Pan Park, complete with farm animals to visit. Then we went to the Cahoon's swimming pool after it warmed up slightly. Alex had so much fun he passed out in the car on the way home.

Friday Saturday big picture dump. For some reason a few of these loaded out of order. Alex continues to attempt eating with utensils and walking walking walking! He is about to graduate to Room 2 at daycare and join the other toddlers. The ladies at daycare told us Alex likes to dance, and puts his hands against the wall and stomps one leg to the music.
Pictures from the past few days. Z was in town for a conference so we went to visit him at the hotel. Alex really liked Z's yellow hat. Then we went to a tasty new Greek restaurant where Alex wanted to eat the salad out of the bowl with a fork, but wasn't sure about the radish.

Alex is in mimic mode - yesterday he learned where his nose was. He also says "night night", "bird", and "mas" when he wants more food. He continues to call Lincoln "Diddy Cat".


Couch games. Alex likes to sit on the couch and be goofy.

When Alex walks he clenches his fists together for balance.

Movie of Alex walking into Dad's office.
Pictures. It was an orange kind of week. Alex continues to walk more and more each day. He also likes playing with Dad's Blackberry. Grannie came over and put on Alex the shoes that Rachel and Jon gave him. He seemed to really like walking in them.

Alex walks!

NEWS FLASH August 8, 2007 5:47 pm EDT - Alex just walked! When I got to daycare this afternoon to pick up Alex they were very excited to tell me Alex had walked! Then when we got home just now, he walked from the living room into my office by himself!

Thinking about letting go pictures.

A few movies here - Alex still has a some work to do on the stopping part.



More Walking
Big picture dump. More from the weekend and up to yesterday. Watching football, eating, playing, reading - look at that belly!

Some new pictures. Alex has been a bit fussy due to teething these past few days. He continues to stand for a few seconds at a time, but no official walking just yet. It has been so hot and humid these past 5 days Alex has stayed inside, playing with his Little People and puzzles.


Well there's no mistaking it. Alex is definitely standing. It's been caught on film too.

While the movie's downloading, have a look at CORN BOY. Click here for more pics.