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Alex's First Vacation

Monday August 28. Alex is enjoying many firsts, including his first pool experience. See all his exciting adventures on Day 1 of Beach Week.
Tuesday August 29. More beach, more pool, more fun!
Wed/Thurs August 30/31. Alex calmly awaits his first hurricane (mostly by napping and smiling)
Friday September 1 Wind, rain and flooding as Ernesto hits North Carolina. The Outer Banks were largely spared as the storm came ashore further west.
Saturday September 2 The day after Ernesto couldn't have been nicer as Alex enjoyed his last full day in North Cackalacky. We saw two piers, sat out by the pool, and ate loads of fried food for dinner. Alex found out exactly what sort of parents he had, too, when he woke in a puddle of his own excrement after we all took two hour naps without changing him out of his "swimmy diaper" first, which led to another first: his first shower with his dad.
Alex in the pool pictures.
Sunday September 3. Back from the beach. Alex was very good on the 5 hou…

Alex is 4 months old!

Saturday August 26.Alex relaxed at home, napped, watched some soccer, and read his first Dr. Seuss book, "Hop on Pop". He also discovered he liked to chew on his rubber duck during his bath.
Friday August 25.Statistics update: Alex had his 4 month check-up this morning and Dr. Park said he looked fabulous and is doing excellent! Alex weighs 16lbs 11oz (75-90th percentile), and is 26 3/4 inches long (95-97th percentile). Alex's right lower central incisor tooth is in place but has not broken through yet. He also got four more immunizations that made him cry, but he bounced back and was able to go to daycare all day. Alex can't WAIT to go on vacation on Sunday to the beach (Kill Devil Hills, NC).
August 24 pictures. Dad's back from NY! Alex had more smiles for him.
August 23 pictures. Just a few, no new tricks today. See Alex propped in the red chair.
August 22 pictures. Dad is back from England! Hooray! Alex had lots of smiles for him. Alex also liked grab…

Happy Birthday Z! Love, Alex

Happy Birthday to David Cahoon also.

Alex is 16 weeks old!

Saturday August 19. Dad went to England and all Mom did was take pictures at of Alex at home. Grannie came over for a visit and Alex had his first trip to Lowe's. Other activities of the day included a bath, napping, trying out his Bumbo seat from Andrea Duquette, and of course drooling. See Alex blow bubbles AND drool at the same time. He is so advanced! =)
Friday August 18. See Alex propped up on the couch, chubby baby! See Alex drool. Alex didn't do too much, just hung out, drooled, and slept while JD was in Manchester visiting friends.
August 17 pictures. See Alex in his "Big Boy Diaper" from daycare. See Alex make his "no lips" face.
August 16. Sleeping, smiling, giggling, waving arms, passing out.
August 15 pictures. Just a few since Alex was fussy from teething.
Monday August 14. A few pictures, Alex didn't do too much today. Some costume changes with all the drool and urps, nice. The green striped onesie Auntie Shaz gave him.
Sunday Aug…

Alex is 3 months 3 weeks old!

Saturday August 12 afternoon and evening. A visit to Grannie and Nagypapa in Kensington. The weather was so nice we sat out on the porch. Then we went to Laurel, Maureen and John had a gathering for Kathleen who was in town. Good times and good friends, and really yummy food. Spencer and Mitchell entertained us by skateboarding, and Natalie loved the monkey cup Maureen had.
Saturday August 12 morning. Saturday morning, watching soccer, and a bath. Also, Alex wants to give a big shout out to Beck Oldridge who turned 2 today!
August 11 pictures. A visit from Auntie Shaz! Alex entertained us by smiling, drooling, being chubby baby. Alex had a good day, he especially enjoyed dinner at Cap City Brewing Company where he fell asleep.
August 10 pictures. Just a few: in the stroller at daycare, mojitos at CPK. JD was in NY where the TSA took his toothpaste at LaGuardia! Alex was a little fussy after daycare and in the evening, the teething seemed to bother him. Still no visible t…