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The genetics are quite powerful - unprompted, Alex went to the piano and started "playing and singing".

Alex plays and sings.
Recent pictures and assorted older ones.

We've been busy lately so not a lot of new pictures. Alex loves the power tools Barb, Bob and Bert gave him. There was also a hair cut.

Natalie's 5th Birthday!


Alex & Maisie share

past week pictures.

Alex and Maisie learn to "share" (yeah right, Alex just wanted all of Maisie's cool toys for himself) and Maureen, Kathleen and JD cook up a waffle and bacon fest. Maureen makes the best waffles!


Eddy Lee visit.
Cousin Eddy Lee came over to play with Alex.

Dave and Busters last week, New Year's at Grannie's, then Rose and Beth's open house on New Year's Day.

Alex's favorite new book is "Pete the Cat".
Pete the Cat movie.

Alex likes to gallop!
galloping movie