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end of December

Alex's piano recital, Vincent at preschool, Chuck E Cheese birthday party, Grannie's, snacks, home haircut.

=>black and white piano recital

70 degrees, playing outside, lunch at Bistrot du Coin with Kathleen and Marek, picking up JD at Dulles.

Christmas Eve
Checking on the new roof at our house, lunch in DC at Taberna del Alabardero, the zoo, visit to Carrie's.

Christmas Day
Lamb for lunch, presents, Kurtz Christmas at Greg and Vicky's, after party at Mrs. Mudd's.

La Fête d'hiver and snow!

Last Saturday was the La Fête d'hiver (Winter Fair) at Alex's school.  Z and GG came to see Alex sing with the entire second grade.  Then we had a nice sushi lunch in Bethesda.  Sunday was the first snow storm, no school on Monday, and Tuesday was the second snow storm.  Alex and Vincent enjoyed playing outside even though it got wet and slushy pretty fast.  Alex decided to shovel our sidewalk on his own without being asked.  Love it!

Winter Fair

more pictures

two snow days

artistic black and white shots
And yes, that is a hawk in our backyard.  Seems they like to hang around the bird feeders.


We went to see the train display at Brookside Gardens which Vincent and Alex really enjoyed.  We also had some warm weather after the freezing cold of Thanksgiving which was nice. We were able to play outside and go to the park.


more trains

Mace, Suzanne and Eddy came over for a meal and a visit.  The boys played outside it was so nice.

Elmo slippers and popcorn snacks with Eddy.

Candy Cane City afterschool, Vincent at school, a visit to Grannie's.

Warm weather, raking the leaves with Grannie.

Alex's class picture

Madame HARRINGTON October 2013 CE1 (Second grade)

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