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Happy Birthday Grannie!

grumpy Alex, Vincent, and Grannie
May 29
Today was Grannie's birthday!  Alex was exhausted from school and the weather (93°+) so he is a bit grumpy in the pictures. The guacamole helped a little bit.  Alex helped make the icing for the "watergate cake".

May 28
Vincent loves to put on other people's shoes.  He also likes to sit and read in the office/playroom.  Alex wore a costume for his field trip to the historic Seneca Schoolhouse,  dressed as "Bert", a boy from the 1880's whose father was a blacksmith.  Then there was some fun with a volcano kit he got for his birthday.  

school pictures from Seneca Schoolhouse

end of May

NEW pictures 
more Trolley Museum, Vineyard, and soccer

pictures taken by Alex

May 19
sleeping, eating, rabbit, sick (Vincent), bird watching, pool, reading, jumping on the bed, CPK, the mall, playground, walk to Old Kensington, Natalie's mouse Jeffrey gets a bath

May 23
car, Mi Rancho, picking up Grannie, sprinkler fun, preschool

May 25
Fantastic weather for Memorial Day Weekend - a trip to the Trolley Museum and Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards.

May 27
A great French meal at Petits Plats, a quick trip to the Museum of Natural History, haircuts, and a playground.

Alex's birthday at school

May 3
Alex's birthday was celebrated at his school on Friday May 3, complete with a dance party.

May 5
Fun with Dad at the zoo and airport.

video of dancing

more dancing

last one


April 26
playground, outside, helping Grannie

April 30
March and April, in the basement, opening Z & GG's gift

May 2
reading, playing, vacuuming, preschool playground, snacks

May 11
more outside, airport, shoes, playground


Vlad the Impaler
JD was in Romania for work the second week of April.