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Standing in the Crib!

Friday March 2. Just two from this morning. It was raining, but now it is 63°F. We'll take it. TGIF!

February 27. Pictures from the past few days. Not much new. Eating. Messy hair.

Sunday February 25. Alex was feeling better, but Dad got sick! Plus we got 5 inches of snow, so it was a good day to nap and hang out.

February 24.
Alex woke up from his nap today and pulled himself up to a standing position on the crib rails. He was very pleased with himself.
February 22. Alex has been sick these past few days, turns out he has his first ear infection. But he is on medicine now and doing much better. Yesterday, Grannie came over to help out, and Alex said "kitty cat", his first words since "Da Da". Alex was looking right at Lincoln when he said it, clearly and distinctly! Alex also has started to pull up with both hands on the side of the crib (as opposed to just grabbing the vertical bars of the crib - Attica! Attica!). He just holds on and stays on his knees, but pulling up can't be too far away.

February 19. Hanging out, standing with help.

February 17 and 18. A visit to Toots and Poppie's in Wilmington. Alex had a good time, he crawled around and played with all the toys and books Toots has at her house. Auntie Shana was in town too for a quick visit.

February 16. Eating chicken, trying a sip cup, getting a "head butt" from Lincoln, sleeping and holding Lamont the Lobster from Kathleen. …

Lynn and John's Wedding!

February 10th and 11th 2007. What a fun weekend! We attended Lynn and John's wedding in Baltimore. What a beautiful wedding, lots of good food and dancing and friends. Sunday morning we walked around Baltimore, then attended Carrie's Birthday dinner at Big Bowl in Reston.

Alex had a nice weekend too. Grannie and Nagypapa babysat and Alex ate and slept and played and played. We think he said "duck" this morning. He also "crawled to a sitting position" last night. Milestones!

Alex naps with Grover

A cold week and a busy week. Coldest February since 1934! An inch of snow on Wednesday. Dad had to go to NY, and Mom is trying to finish a big project at work. Alex likes to crawl and try and get Lincoln's water bowl. He also likes to eat orange things - carrots, squash, etc, that leave his cheeks stained orange.
February 9th.

February 8th.

February 7th.

Alex likes to read (chew) his RED NEWS.

Sunday Feb 4th. A busy day - a bath, picking up Grannie from the airport, visit in Kensington, then back to VA for a Super Bowl party at Doug and Debbie Frye's. No pictures of the party, but we had a nice time at what turned out to be a party with a lot of babies. Alex felt right at home.
Saturday evening Feb 3. Alex likes the "Discovery Ball" that Toots gave him.

Friday Saturday Feb 2 and 3. Napping, crawling, eating, drooling!


January 30 and 31. Alex likes to chew on bagels now. In one picture it looks like he has two upper teeth but that must just be bagel in his mouth - eeeeeeiiiiiiiiuuuuuuwwww. Also, see Alex chew on his duck toy with no hands!

MOVIE!! The file might take a while to download (69 MB), but here's a movie Alex crawling.