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Enjoying the festivities for Noel before we head back to the US for a visit.

Artwork, school, Marche Noel de Levallois, and a delicious meal at our new favorite neighborhood restaurant "Au Coin de la Rue".

Walking to school, art, red balloon at soccer practice,

Vincent's cahiers from school and "Magic Noël… sous les étoiles."  Alex and Vincent wanted to do the rides after school.  Vincent loves the large Mickey and kept giving him hugs.

Rides included:
• L’Express du Père Noël : La luge géante du Père Noël version Roller Coaster 
• Le Palais des glaces : Pas facile de trouver son chemin dans le palais mouvementé des bonhommes de neiges 
• Les Voitures du Père Noël : Pour les pilotes en herbes
• Les Chaises volantes : Un voyage proche des étoiles
• Les Trampos élastiques : Un indémodable pour sauter de joie parce que c’est Noël 
• La Luge du Père Noël : Sensations garanties pour tous ceux qui aiment la glisse

November - catching up after computer crash

Alex, Max, and Vincent
Alex's soccer game Saturday November 8 at the local stadium (also where he practices every Wednesday).

Park, food, school, day off school for Armistice Day we spent in Paris in the Marais (the reopened Picasso Museum was mobbed so we didn't wait), and Parc Monceau.

School, soccer practice, Marche Noel down the Champs-Elysees (even though it was 60 degrees), meal at a bisto on Boulevard Haussmann.

Vincent art projects at school, and bringing "Max le bebe" home for the weekend from his school. Vincent had to take care of Max, get him dressed, and then tell the story of his weekend when he went back to school on Monday.


It's school picture time...more pictures to come, eventually.  Our home computer gave up the ghost so we had to buy a new one.  Ah, technology.  We spent November enjoying some fabulous weather before it turned cold.
Vincent, petite section, ecole maternelle Jules Ferry
3 1/2 years old
Alex, CE2 (third grade), ecole elementaire Jules Ferry
8 1/2 years old Alex, CE2 (third grade), ecole elementaire Jules Ferry
Teacher:  Mlle PLUMET    Principal:  Monsieur LO BELLO
8 1/2 years old
et "La Grimace" (make a funny face picture):