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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29 and 30. Goodbye November! See our winter blooming camellias. It has been so warm this past week the plants are loving it. Today(Dec 1) it will be 70 degrees again before the cold winter blast hits us. See Alex play with sushi (bad parents! tuna! mercury!). See Alex wear his shirt on his head! See Alex stand! Alex also started doing this thing where he leans his head to the side - pretty cute. Alex has got the hang of eating now, and eats peas and green beens. Just need to get him to master carrots next.

November 28th. Just a few pictures. Alex's cold is gone and he is feeling much better. Alex isn't talking yet, but he does say "A da da da da da" a lot. Delmy one of the daycare ladies told me yesterday that Alex likes to flirt!

Saturday Nov 25th and Sunday Nov 26th. Alex had a cold, so we just stayed home and relaxed. Alex wanted to go visit Nagypapa for his birthday on Sunday but we had to postpone it. See Alex's red chin from all the s…

Boys' weekend

Nov 20 21 22. Playing, bundled up, eating peas, and chewing chewing chewing on things!

Sunday Nov 19 evening. Happy in my new pajamas from Toots!

Nov 16-18. Gabriella's away this weekend, hence the tardiness in posting pictures. We're having a good weekend though. Lots of naps + watching football.

A fun Saturday

Tues/Weds Nov 14, 15. Alex liked the Arthur book. He was exhausted after daycare on Weds, but played a little with the walker toy Cousin Marjorie handed down to us from her boys.

Monday Nov 13th. Eating rice cereal - Alex seems to like it now. Rolling over lots, and of course, lots of smiles.

Sunday Nov 12th. Natalie and Mitchell in their Sunday School clothes making funny faces! Alex in his "turtle" position, he loves to roll over now and raise up on his arms.

Saturday Nov 11th. Cousin Brian's first birthday party in Frederick, MD. Lots of fun, food, children, toys, and cake! Such a lovely day, so warm and sunny. Alex was very happy to see Toots and Poppie, and meet Aunt Danielle who was in town from Colorado.

A big weekend.

Friday Nov 10th. Grannie came over to visit and we had a nice stroll in Old Town it was so warm outside.

Thursday Nov 9th. Look Ma, no clothes, it's 70 degrees in November!!

Just a few new pictures. It has been a busy two days with Dad in NY for work. Alex was so tired from daycare yesterday he came home and passed out. Alex is trying to say "Cheese" in the picture where his tongue looks funny (or is he the Alien Baby?). Alex also wants to say Happy Birthday to his cousin Brian Blum who turned one year old on November 8th!

A bath, bundled up, and smiling.

Saturday Nov 4th morning. Napping, sitting up, relaxing before heading to Barb and Bob's for Bert's football game, and the Calvert Memorial Hospital Harvest Ball.

Saturday Nov 4th afternoon and evening. Barb and Bob generously hosted us again this year for the Chesapeake Harvest Ball where Barb was a "Thumbelina" Sponsor. First though, we stopped to watch Bert's football game (Go Hornets!) and…

Alex rolled over today!

Nov 2 and 3. Alex is really sitting up now. His "orange" food to start was...squash, although technically that is yellow, right? Yummy. He actually liked it much more than the peas.
Weds November 1. Alex rolled over officially today. Hooray! Wearing shirt from Auntie Shaz. "Pisher" means "A cute little stinker" according to the tag that came with the shirt.


The boy has just rolled over! Alert the media! Film at 11!