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Z and GG visit.

Z and GG came to visit and we had a really nice time - we went to the Museum of Natural History where Alex touched a hissing cockroach. We also went to the Newseum where they have a piece of the Berlin Wall, a hanging helicopter, and other media exhibits including a piece of the antenna from the World Trade Center in the Sept 11th exhibit. Unfortunately a huge thunderstorm blew through when we were on the observation deck, so we couldn't go outside on the balcony.

Shana hung out also, and we had yummy steaks for dinner Sunday night.

Alex continues to love airplanes so we have been having dinner picnics at Gravelly point. Check out the pollution on that old MD-80, ugh.

Alex also likes to take off all his clothes but his diaper, put on his bike helmet and water shoes, and ride his tricycle indoors. (his legs almost reach the peddles).

"sentences" this past week have been exploding, including:

"Alex's blue car...up the hill...past Metro train tracks..…


Fun trip to Boston with Carrie.

Carrie and I went to Boston last week and had a great time. It did rain the first day and a half, but Friday dawned clear and hot without humidity. We had a nice visit with Kathleen and her friends, and tasted some of the local fare - lobster roll, chowder, and beer. I met a friend I work with for lunch one day, and Carrie caught up with her former co-worker Craig. We also hit some of the Freedom trail sites, the waterfront, and the North End (Italian neighborhood).
Weekend at Grannie's.

Lots of pool time - and eating of course.
Then we went to pick up Dad at the airport.
Donna Summer last week in Baltimore!

A fun concert at Pier 6 with the Kurtz women and friends. Gary's sangria rocked, and when Donna sang "MacArthur Park", we all loved it!

Lincoln in the Amazon box.
Pictures from the weekend.

Pool time in the front yard.
Peter and Anna's for dinner on Saturday night.
Haircut on Sunday.

Airplanes again.....

We just can't get enough of Gravelly Point.

From last week...
McDonald's and watching the airplanes, it doesn't get any better than that. Well, maybe - riding the tricycle indoors, and watching "Lots and Lots of Trucks", or maybe trying on shoes and playing with the vacuum cleaner.

Alex goes to the country

Butner and Creedmoor, NC trip.

Of course Alex has been to the country before, but this trip was really fun! We went with Carrie, David, Spencer, Mitchell and Natalie to visit Butner and Creedmoor, NC, where David's parents live. We all had a really nice time relaxing which included:

Eating at road trip restaurants in the South (Aunt Sarah's Pancake House..Sonic Burger).
Swimming in the hotel pool.
July 4th at NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh and hanging out in a vintage (1968) trailer.
Blueberry and blackberry picking.
More fun at Mark and Bridget's house.

Driving the jeep movie.