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Sitting up!

October 31st. Alex likes to put blankets on his head and hold his feet!
Sunday October 29. Happy in the activity saucer, and trying peas. The "mark" on his forehead in some of the pictures is the sun, not The Omen. Honest. Alex also likes to read the Pottery Barn catalog - hmmmm, genetically pre-disposed to shopping? Nah.
Saturday Oct 28.A trip to Warrenton to visit Mike and Debby and watch the game. Alex had a great time, he ate and slept and let the kitties sniff him.
Friday Oct 27. See Alex smile in his sleep!
October 26. We think it is official, Alex can sit up on his own! More rice cereal pictures (wait until we get to the peas), chins, drooling, and just being Alex.


October 25. A very BIG day. Rice cereal twice, and a ride in the grocery cart. Alex seems to tolerate the rice cereal, and he liked the grocery cart experience.

Boy gets new "old school" highchair. Father says: "Peg Perego can kiss my *** if they think I'm paying $170 for a piece of cheap plastic. $25 from Target is plenty good enough for my boy!"

Click here to see the fascinating pictures.

Roll tide! (AND COME ON YOU REDS!)

Monday Oct 23. Alex's 6 month check-up: shots, shots, shots! Actually, five if you count the flu shot. Alex was fussy and rested most of the evening with JD. Statistics update: 18.6 lbs (50-75th percentile), 28 inches (90-95th percentile). And this week Alex gets to start eating real food. Hooray. Alex also wants to say Happy Birthday to Jeff Kellogg!
Sunday Oct 22. Alex really liked hanging out with cousin Jud. Then a quick stop by church and of course, lunch at Kings Island. Alex met Aunt Trina, but alas, we have no pictures of him with Trina. Next time. The sun came out for the lovely drive home - fun fall foliage. Alex slept 2 hours straight on the ride home he had such a big weekend.
Saturday Oct 21- Alex takes a trip to the country. See us watch college football and flirt with the cute college girls! (Dad was so proud!) 'Bama didn't win, but we just beat Liverpool without breaking a sweat. Also, Lauren and Grannie babysat so JD and Gab could go to the B…

Alex is getting so big!

October 19. Sleeping, sleeping, more sleeping! Also, JD read Alex the book cousin Evie gave him, "Alexander and the Magic Boat". It was a great book. For those of you that don't know, cousin Evie gave us that book in February 2006, before Alex, before anyone knew he was a boy, and no one knew we had picked the name Alex for a boy. Pretty cool.
October 18 evening. Hangin' with Dad!
October 17 and 18 morning. Sleeping, wearing his hats, chewing on Grover's nose, on his stomach. No more new tricks, although Alex does like to blow raspberries with his mouth now.
Sunday October 15. Alex tried some rice cereal and seemed more interested in chewing on the rubber spoon than the cereal. Grannie and Nagypapa came over to visit. Alex tried on some hats, napped, drooled, and played with his feet. The sweater - and hat - Toots knitted for Alex fit perfectly and he is getting a lot of use out of it since it has turned chilly.
October 13 and 14. See Alex relaxing in a …

Happy Birthday

With love from your boys.

Weekend in Connecticut

October 9 and 10 morning. A relaxing Columbus Day, Alex enjoyed the Federal Holiday he had off from daycare. Lots of sleeping and fist chewing. See pictures from this morning when he rolled over on the couch from a sitting position!
October 7th and 8th. We went to visit Rachel and Jon in Connecticut this weekend. Alex had a very good time, he slept on both plane rides. Highlights of the weekend included apple picking at an orchard, laughing while Lester barked, walks in the park, and apple donuts! Next year Alex wants to do the corn maze.

Alex the Caped Crusader!

October 5th and 6th. Just a few - smiling, holding "tag rattle" from Toots, wearing fall coat (a perfect fit from Toots) because it was cold and rainy today.
October 4th. See a picture of Alex in the daycare "multi-stroller" and his towel bib.
October 3rd. Trying to sit up, tipping over, holding bottle!
October 2nd. Alex and his chins, and thinking about rolling over but not quite yet.
Sunday October 1. A very fun day. Watching football with Dad, playing footsie with Dad. Alex was very interested in the computer, and the piece of challah at dinner. This is one of our favorite things that Alex does, when he wears his bib as a cape!