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San Francisco - quick trip

tacos and hipsters (no hipster pictures they would have charged me)
Quick trip to San Francisco solo. I spent a lot of time in SF in the late 80's, 90's, early 00's, but have not been there recently.  Pauline of course has been visiting since 1963 when Aunt Beaty moved to San Carlos.  But the chance to go for a quick visit, to cross paths with Kathleen and Marek (Boston) and John McArdle (SF based) and Alicia (near Berkeley) was too much to pass up.  And I got the window of 6 days of sunshine between what everyone told us were severe rare monsoons.

arriving Paris to San Francisco
JD had to go to Budapest right before I left for work.  Vincent enjoyed mapping out my flight route which is quite different from Paris - DC.  For San Fran, an 11 1/2 hour flight from Paris, they fly up over Greenland and down over Canada.  I have never flown from Europe to the West Coast with a 9 hour time difference and I was intimidated.  The first night I stayed near Union Square which is simil…

Happy New Year 2017 !

So much fun at L'Anjou with our friends old and new, champagne, and dinner. Vincent loved dancing and watching the DJ play music.  There were no TV's so no bad New Year's Eve countdown specials.  In fact, it seemed an afterthought to count down.  Funny.

Alex took some of the pictures, and Vincent didn't like it. See mean brother face.