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Alex is starting to crawl!

Alex actually scooted backwards yesterday at Grannie and Nagypapa's, and today he definitely crawled forward.

Pictures from the weekend and today. Alex was glad to see Kathleen, and enjoyed chewing on her cool bracelet until it broke.

9 month check-up

Ah, the rude awakening of winter - it was 17 degrees this morning! Thank goodness we had Miami last week.

Today was Alex's 9 month check-up. All is well, no immunizations, but Alex did have to get his blood taken for the lead test since we live in a house built in 1940.
Weight 21 lbs 50th-75th percentile
Height 29 1/4 " 75-90th percentile
Head Circumference 18 3/4" 97th percentile! big head baby!

A few pictures from this week. See Alex look like the Wicked Witch of the East with his legs under the couch! Or at least that's what it reminded us of.
Day 2 in South Beach was filled with walking and covert star-gazing as we saw Billy Joel and pro wrestling's Big Show (no, not together!), ate very good sushi, and continued enjoying our vacation. Click here for pictures.

Grandparent alert: Alex has sprouted a third tooth and has started genuinely clapping (as opposed to flailing his arms around when they would occasionally hit each other, more out of luck than design).

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to the pub. United v Arsenal at 11am today!

Sunday afternoon pictures. A good day to be in Miami as the ice storm hit DC. Christina, Kevin and Theodore met us for dinner. Theodore is the cutest, smiliest baby - make that one year old almost!

Bienvenidos a MIAMI!

Watch as Alexito enjoys South Beach the way the locals do.

Pictures from January 19.


Alex wants everyone to see his first two teeth!

January 15th. Who needs toys? Tupperware is fine for Alex. He also likes to roll around on the floor.

Alex wants to give a big shout out "Happy Birthday" to Aunt Shana (Jan 16).

Sunday January 14th. A fun day to visit Shana in Baltimore and Toots and Poppie met us there.

Saturday January 13th. A nice visit to the US Botanical Garden.
Friday and Saturday morning. Alex likes to play with the small wooden spoon.

January 11th. Eating, and reading. This was the first day this week we picked Alex up from daycare and he wasn't passed out asleep on the floor. He came home, played, ate a big dinner, played some more, and fell asleep.

January 10th. Cold, bundled up, looking in the mirror, reading a book with Dad (and chewing a book).

January 9th. Natalie Cahoon's 3rd Birthday! Cake and Barbies and Chuck E Cheese.

January 8th. Alex is a chubby baby!

Sunday January 7. Hanging out, and then we went ice skating with the Cahoon's. Alex chilled in the stroller while Dad and the Cahoon's skated. Even Natalie enjoyed skating. Then we went to Ledo pizza where Alex ate the paper menu - and pizza crust later.

January 6th. Ok, everyone has heard the news stories that it is the warmest winter in the Northeast since 1877, but...70 degrees in January and not a sign of strange but we'll take it! Alex…


January 4 and 5 a.m. See Alex wearing his Alabama sweatshirt from the Gardner's - it is so warm he doesn't need a winter coat today.

January 2 and 3. Just a few. Alex loves his new SmartWool socks from Cousin Angie. Alex also started top pull himself up on his toy.

New Year's Day. Rose's Annual Open House in Baltimore. Alex enjoyed chewing on a bow as Marie held him. He also got lots of hugs from Mitchell.

Also, see "The Natalie Show". Natalie celebrated her upcoming (Jan 9) 3rd birthday. See her new outfits!

New Year's Eve. Alex spent the day doing Alex things - eating, napping, playing. Then the Cahoon's came over for dinner, and Shana and Annise arrived from Atlanta with the Uhaul to spend the night on the way to Baltimore. Oh, and Shana got the second wave from Alex - he must save them for family!