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Happy Thanksgiving!

an original by Vincent
We had a very nice Thanksgiving for the second year in a row at Hotel Hershey with the Spivak cousins (except for David who is in France), Aunt Adele and Uncle Ed, and Z and GG.  I don't have any pictures since I checked my camera with my coat, oops.
We had a very busy week leading up to Thanksgiving, it was Grandparents Day at Vincent's school and Z and GG and Grannie were able to come.  On Wednesday we had a visit in DC with Toots and Poppie who were staying at the St. Regis one block from the White House, and Rachel and Jon and Sam and Bea who were in from Austin, and Aunt Shana.

playing outside with Grannie
Grandparents Day
day before Thanksgiving Grocery shopping, Toots and Poppie in DC, Hanukkah gifts, Rachel, Jon, Sam, Bea, Shana, DC at night.
Thanksgiving and day after Driving to Carlisle, Hotel Hershey lobby, fun at Bruce and Marjorie's, Days Inn, next day a visit to the US Army Heritage and Education Center.  Some good pizza and an Italian hoa…


We've been busy with school and work and soccer and traveling so there are lots of pictures to catch up on.  Alex's last soccer game of the fall season was a draw and they will receive a trophy for their school. 

Nov 1

Nov 6

Nov 7
Z and GG came out to the 'burbs to visit us.

Nov 9

Kingston's birthday party
Vincent's classmate Kingston's 2nd Birthday party at the Trolley Museum.

Alex's last soccer game
CE1 "Last matchfor ourlittle ones whofinished theseason with a4-4 drawagainstthe otherundefeated teamin theconference.  They wereled4-1 andcame backwith the encouragementof the crowdtied at2 minof the end!  They couldwinin the final seconds... butthis scoreparityleavesundefeatedandfirsttiedteams!"

end of October

We were busy with school, soccer, and Halloween.  Alex dressed up as a skeleton and Vincent was a fireman.  Alex and Vincent enjoyed trick or treating for the second year in a row.

Rose's Annual Halloween Party.  A beautiful sunny day this year for the party.

outside, fall foliage

Pumpkins and pumpkin carving. 


Alex's soccer team is undefeated!  "Saturday, November 2:  TheCE1/CE2wontheirseventhgamein a row2-1againsta verycombativeteam...they areonegame off theperfect season"