Miss Natalie in charge!

A really fun birthday. Carrie and David, if you are accessing internet from Denver - - we had a great time last night babysitting! (Although I bet those 1,600 beers are keeping you busy). As you can see from the pictures, a great time was had by all. Let's see, we ate your yummy dinner, played with the Wii, Alex ate your apples, the boys played soccer, Natalie showed Alex around, and we had birthday cake! Then we had a great breakfast, played some more, and were off to Maryland for a birthday lunch at Ferdinand's. Kathleen and Val, those pictures are for you! Luckily there were enough croutons on the salad bar as we got there early. And thanks for the beautiful flowers Val.

More pictures from Saturday.

Alex enjoyed visiting with Grannie and Nagypapa where he helped refill the bird bath with water. He played with the windchimes with Andrea, and he knows where his belly button is! Then he submitted to being measured - 31 inches tall!