Rosh Hashanah

We made a delicious meal this year as usual.  JD chose paleron, chuck steak, from the butcher Philippe. Vincent helped with some breaks for reading in between.  Lincoln really wanted some meat.



boeuf (paleron = chuck steak) first piece from Philippe our butcher,
second from the Kosher was from Poland - it was closer to brisket but not US brisket
white whine braised leeks (a yearly favorite)
parsley potatoes
challah, apples, honey, wine

...and then there were suits and ties, thank you Marjorie for the hand-me-downs!  Your 3 boys to my 2 boys. awesome.  Vincent, go stand next to your brother.  Ok, Mom!
so, I'm just gonna say, and we have discussed this - Alex definitely has a Wright/Banyasz/Fauber head vs. a Deitch/Queller head, right?