When we first moved to France 6 years ago, there was little to no Halloween celebration, decorations, or costumes.  The big costume holiday here was Mardi Gras.  Now there's slowly more and more Halloween decorations and celebrations.  The UK based department store Marks and Spencer has several stores in Paris, and English folks celebrate Halloween. No full trick-or-treating in Paris yet, but some people give out candy.  We went to the L'Anjou our corner cafe/bistro/bar to celebrate and Vincent had his face painted.
  • "Halloween, from All Hallows Eve (ie. the day before All Saints Day) – a festival which is seen in France as an ‘Anglo-Saxon’ import but which has been gaining in popularity. It is often said to have been grafted onto a Celtic autumn festival called Samhain. 
  • Toussaint (All Saints Day) is the Catholic Festival honouring all of the saints. It is often associated with Le Jour des Morts (All Souls Day), which is actually the following day (November 2) and commemorates the dead.  It is traditional at this time of year to visit family graves and put flowers on them, especially chrysanthemums.
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