More food pictures.

Testing out the frozen fare - the first two are frozen meals! The one on the left had 3 types of mushrooms and foie gras in the sauce.
Passover chocolate desserts from the local Kosher grocery store.
Alex after he the chocolate desserts.
Refrigerator shot!
Levallois, and the firehouse near us (les pompiers).
Weird wall thing.
Quickburger for lunch in La Defense.
Franklin is JD's office building, but it was closed on Easter Monday.
Carousel in La Defense. Alex chose the safe ride of the trolley car.
Helping set the table.
Watching the garbage trucks, which happen every night between garbage and the recycling trucks. Alex loves it.
A snail we tried to save.
Truck and train extravaganza on the coffee table.
I got my teddy bear cookies!
Nap time.
Alex makes himself at home with another little boy's Noddy toy.