A few more pictures from the week. The Drasdo's were in town on holiday from England and came over for dinner. We'll wait for the professional shots from Duncan. Callum and Tiernan had a great time playing with Alex's toys. Alex is also getting so big he can get up on the toy train Z and GG gave him with no problem now.

Shovel in hand + falling = exterior eyelid wound
We had our first toddler accident on Friday. Luckily some Neosporin was all that was required, but Alex has a nice shiner. It is his right eye in the picture.

Alex's first pair of shoes. Went to the mall, got him fitted, got some new shoes! Alex really liked them and took off right away walking all around the mall.

Recent Pictures. Including a BBQ at Alex's daycare and a moonbounce. Yes, that is a scratch on Alex's left cheek, hazards of the Toddler Room.

Alex has been busy the past few days. He stayed with Grannie and Nagypapa for three whole days! He had a great time, eating tons of food and playing with empty milk containers and walking up the stairs and imitating everything Grannie did. Later, there was a foot washing in the sink.