Sunday, July 30, 2017

4 days in Lisbon

FINALLY I downloaded all the pictures.  We had such a great time!  And ate lots of octopus and drank tons of vino verdhe.  yum.

Paris to Lisbon, checking into Sheraton.  Lunch at traditional Portuguese restaurant Rei Da Pescada. Back to hotel, naps, drinks at the restaurant rooftop bar, meeting Kathleen and Marek in Alfama, dinner in Fado restaurant.

Room service breakfast (Vincent needed pancakes), pool, more pancakes, pizza for a late lunch, a walk through town, touring the Carmo Convent ruins left after the 1755 earthquake.  Beware, there is a picture of two creepy mummy children in the museum.  We hustled Vincent past them quickly! More walking through the shopping district and Plaza, walking to Alfama area, wine and cheese bar, dinner outside.

Sunday and Monday
Pool, delicious meal at Descobre, a walk along the water, seafood platter for dinner.  Back to Paris on Monday after finding some sushi for lunch.

more pictures

tram video

We crashed Kathleen and Marek's 2 week Portugal vacation to meet them in Lisbon.  We've been to Lisbon before (2012) and loved it, and could not pass up a 2 hour plane ride to hang with friends in the warm Portugal sun.  It did not disappoint.

Kathleen and Marek stayed in the cool Alfama neighborhood by the water while we were a bit further North, but a cab ride was about 4 euros!  Marek's cousin and husband also came down from Poland.  So much fun....fresh seafood, really cheap and good wine including vino verdhe (green, young, sparkling wine).  And even though Kathleen and I have known each other for 43 years, there is not one good picture of us from the entire time, and we couldn't get one on this trip either.

We did some things this time we didn't the first trip - listen to Fado in a basement restaurant,

Vincent loved our hotel room, pancakes for breakfast from room service, the pool, the cool yellow trams, and seeing Kathleen and Marek.

The amazing rooftop bar - a proper sidecar and whiskey sour:

It's good to be the King and his son, the Dauphin I guess you would call Vincent.  And how about that proper Portuguese breakfast sausage?  yeah!

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