Monday, June 30, 2014


Catching up on some posts since we have been focused on getting ready to move back to France!

Vincent's last day of school, Pacci's Italian restaurant, Moby Dick Sushi in Wheaton Triangle.

Playing with the Squigz, Vincent's birthday present from Z and GG.  Hugging Ms. Debra on the last day of school at Rock Creek Montessori.

Day in DC with Carrie, Mitchell, and Natalie - lunch at Cantina Marina, walking around Southwest DC waterfront.  Playing in the water fountain, Sculpture Garden, yogurt, Portrait Gallery.

House, Grannie, Candy Cane City.

More Candy Cane City, Lincoln at the vet, Grannie.

Lee and Amy's 15th wedding anniversary party.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Alex's class CE1 - end of year breakfast

Wednesday the parents organized a breakfast in Alex's CE1 class (second grade).  His teacher, Mme. Harrington, awarded the class two prizes, first place for writing a book in French in a worldwide Lycee contest Concours Plumes en Herbe "Vantard Le Bavard", and the Silver award in Mathematics "Rallye Maths 2013-2014".


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vincent's 3rd Birthday party

A fun birthday party at the house.  Toots, Poppie, Aunt Shana, Grannie, Rose, Beth, Carrie, David, Spencer, Mitchell, Natalie.  A cake made by Aunt Shana, and fun games in the yard.  Carrie gave Mitchell a dollar if he could fit into Vincent's plastic toy car.  He did.

Playing with Z and GG's gift, "Squigz".  Vincent's last day of preschool at Rock Creek Montessori.  Hugging Ms. Debra.

June 8
Mitchell's confirmation party complete with 6 foot blow up beach ball and a candy bar, and Spencer's riding mower Pop Pop gave him.

June 8
Felix's 3rd birthday party at Cabin John.

June 7
Vincent's year end party at Rock Creek Montessori, Sheridan's birthday party, Indian dinner at Kadhai in Bethesda.

June 7
Alex's last soccer game with MSI Lycee Rochambeau team.

June 6
No more furniture at the house - it's been shipped to France (via Baltimore to Le Havre)!  Vincent at preschool.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Grannie!

Catching up for the end of May.

Grannie's 79th Birthday
A lovely dinner at Pacci's.

Memorial Day BBQ
At Palmer's house.  School. Vincent haircut.

Alex's soccer game May 31

Riverbend Park, VA
more pictures
Because the wait to get into Great Falls was VERY long and this park is right next door.  A nice picnic and hike with the Cahoon's.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Vincent!

"I'm three years old today."
"Is it still my birthday?"

Vincent had a very fun 3rd birthday.  A birthday snack at school of apples and strawberries and pears.  A big ole nap, then opening cards and presents.  A yummy steak dinner and cake.  Then we went to Alex's chorus concert at school.

Blowing out the jar candle.  Ms. Debra took these.  That's CeCe next to Vincent.

From the entire day - including Alex's Chorus concert.
more pictures