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March marches on...

someone got a hold of the camera -

we had intense wind for almost a week !

the tulip tree -

going to the movies -

snacks in the sun before piano -

daffodils -

donuts !

 pizza !

goofing around with Dad -

artwork by Alex (it's a ray) -

Manchester United - PSG game

JD was out and about in town March 6 for the Manchester United - PSG game:

lunch at Fontaine de Mars -

Romanian restaurant -

uh, at the game and he had no ticket ?!?

Indian for lunch the next day -

Duncan really was in town -

green things starting to sprout -

the tulip tree -

a walk around La Defense at night, pretty cool -

Vincent's rocks from his field trip to our town's playground in the country, Fontenay-Saint-Pere:

mmmmm -