Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January - a very busy month

pictures coming!
Remind us to tell you all about our January adventures, which are still going on...when we come up for air.  It's all good, just really busy.  And lots of travel for JD in February and a Manchester away so there you go.  Will post more pictures when we can.

And if you haven't heard, it has rained all winter (not normal) and Paris is flooding!

Paris floods latest: Crisis cell set up as commuter train line closed
"While it's stopped raining in Paris, the level of the River Seine is expected to continue to rise until Friday when it is set to peak at 6.10 metres -  a peak last reached in 2016 when floods sent riverside museums scrambling to move artworks from their basements, which was the highest level since 1982.

The height of the Seine is measured not from the riverbed but from a point located at the Austerlitz bridge - but 6.10 metres is three to four times the normal level of around two metres."

and this is cool

What Paris looked like during the 1910 'flood of the century'

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