Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dordogne to Saint-Emilion, France

market day in Issigeac
Sunday April 24
Celebrating Alex's 10th birthday with the tart we were too tired to eat the night before.  We left the tree house and headed back towards Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion for two nights.  We had visited Saint-Emilion five years ago and really enjoyed it and decided to go back.  We were lucky to have the sun appear it's been a cooler and more rainy April than usual in France - some arctic air mass was stuck over Europe.  We stopped in another wonderful small town Issigeac based on the fact that the Sunday market was going to be there.  Again, a quaint wonderful town.  We had lunch at a lovely restaurant before we headed to some Karting for Alex's birthday.

Then on to Saint-Emilion, checking into our hotel in town, a small walk around and dinner at a really good Vietnamese restaurant.

Monday April 25
A nice sunny day, the petit tourist train through the vineyards, lunch outside in Saint-Emilion.  Driving back to Paris on Tuesday since the trains were on strike.

JD's pictures Saint-Emilion

phone pictures

Even Mickey had a good time -

making faces

Friday, April 29, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dordogne Valley, France: vacation and tree house

the tree house - 

Friday April 22
Alex's birthday always falls nicely during the 2 week Spring school vacation in France.  We decided to celebrate his birthday in a luxury treehouse in the Dordogne valley of France.  We took the TGV to Bordeaux (3 h 20 min) but alas, we experienced for the first time bad luck on the train in France.  A train broke down in front of us causing a 2 hour delay.  But they gave us a refund immediately and food, so it could have been worse.  We rented a car and drove the 90 minutes to the treehouse Chateaux dans les Arbres.  Really cool!  We ate in the tiny town Chez Edith for dinner (foie gras, escargots, duck, good wine) and retired to the tree house.  There is actually a tree trunk inside the house and we woke up to find something had been scratching at the tree bark.  Nature!

Those yellow fields are "colza", or canola.  Beautiful almost neon yellow in April.

Saturday April 23 - Alex's 10th birthday
Breakfast delivered in a picnic basket you have to use a pulley to bring up to the footbridge.  Very cool.

Vincent was sick so we headed into the town Villereal to see a doctor and get some meds.  It was fortuitous since it was a really cool small town with an awesome Saturday market and cheese store and restaurant where we had lunch.  There are a hundreds of small, formerly walled towns (bastides) in this area that was fought over by England and France during the 100 years war.  Alex is learning all about it in school.  Also, as we found out, the area is full of British expats, to the point where you hear more British English than French!  We read they jokingly call the area "Dordogneshire" it is so full of British folks.  We can understand why.  It was so quintessentially French it felt like a movie set.

Of course JD met the nice local cheese man who actually lives right near the tree house we are staying in.  He pointed us to an excellent restaurant for lunch.  It was so good we decided to eat there again for dinner.

JD's camera birthday and treehouse

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Alex opens his birthday presents

Before we left on vacation Alex opened his birthday presents - books from Z & GG, clothes from Toots, a Manchester United jersey, Euro football cards, and Simon game from us.

more opening present pictures

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Alex! April 23, 2016

Seems like just yesterday...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring has arrived

Finally Spring has arrived in Paris.  Last Sunday, Square Batignolles -

The park, a nice lunch outside, watching a Mancheter United game at Corcoran's Pub.

more pictures
Writing, eating, cooking, flowers, the market, after Lincoln''s surgery (cyst removal, benign), dentist, headlamp, watching the washing machine.

mmm, escargot casserole for Vincent!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Vincent's class picture

MS 7 (Moyenne Section)
école maternelle Jules-Ferry
Vincent has had several teachers this year after his first one (Fanny) went on leave end of October.  In this picture on the left is Sarah, the teacher for March.  On the right is Sabrina the ATSEM (assistant).  His other teachers have been:  Yasmina, Marie, and Romane.

Group "Fun":

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vincent - Carnavale and parade

Sorry for the delay we've been doing some computer maintenance.  Today (Tues April 12th) was Vincent's "Carnavale" at school, all the children made masks and costumes and had a parade to the park by school.  Vincent was a bee.  He is holding hands with Lea.

pictures from Carnavale parade

even more pictures

end of March
Walking, playdoh, lunch, reading, authentic Chinese lunch at Le Lac de l'Ouest in the Marais (really good and not expensive), bistro meal at Le Valois (an old traditional bistro in the 17th near Park Monceau), making challah French toast, Musée Jacquemart-André, flags tied with black ribbons for Brussels, more reading, flowers.

Harlequin's Carnival, 1924-25, by Joan Miro (Vincent studied in class):