Tuesday, August 25, 2015

USA summer trip & Z's 70th Birthday - August 2015

A whirlwind 17 days in the US, centered around celebrating Z's 70th birthday.  We hit the beach twice, putt-putt twice, and even ate King Crab legs three times!  It will take us another two weeks to recover.

Packing and leaving Paris on an Air France A380 Thursday July 30th.  Hitting the Air France lounge for some food before the flight.  David picked us up at Dulles and we had a chance to visit briefly with David and Carrie.  Around the Beltway to Grannie's.

First day at Grannie's.  We spent Friday getting over jet lag and running errands.  Vincent had Grannie around the block 3 times before lunch.  Testing out the Park Hyatt in DC before Z's party the following weekend.

Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant Mi Rancho in Silver Spring where Alex ate 4 adult size chicken soft tacos.  Dinner at Carrie's.  Sunday - visit to Rose and Beth in Baltimore and lunch at The Harp.

A day at Rehoboth Beach with Toots and Poppie.  Cold beer and steamed shrimp at Obie's by the Sea, dinner at Summertime.

Putt-putt at Wilmington Riverfront and lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, with paint-a-crab dessert.

Visiting Z and GG a the RV Park on Cherry Hill Road in College Park.  Wine, cheese, pool, Lennox the cat, and more putt-putt.

Testing out Brasserie Beck in DC for the party.  The moules (mussels) were very good.

Ocean City, MD for a quick visit to see Kathleen for her family beach week.  Lunch at Annie's over the Bay Bridge for local oysters.  There was a big storm the first night, but the next day was a great beach day.  Alex and Vincent loved playing in the ocean. On the way home we stopped at Capriotti's in Easton for an Italian hoagie.
        => a few black & white pictures

Exercise with Grannie, hugs for her friend Mabel, French bookstore in Kensington, waterguns and sumo pillow wrestling at Grannie's.

RV park again for the water park.

Visiting Mace, Suzanne and Eddy, and Angie was in town from Santa Fe.  Some kayaking, swimming, and lunch.

Last day, packing, playing with Grannie, to Dulles, Boeing 777 to Paris.  Vincent liked the eye mask for sleeping.
Z's (Stephen Howard Deitch) 70th Birthday party
August 8-9, 2015
Washington, DC

Pre-party pictures
Meeting and greeting in the bar of the Park Hyatt.

No edits, just all the fun, blurry pictures.  We were too busy having fun, eating, drinking, and chatting to take good pictures.  Delicious meal at Brasserie Beck in DC.  Champagne imported in our suitcases from France for the toast.

a few more party pictures

The day after
Brunch at the hotel, saying goodbye, then all day at the Cherry Hill RV park with Z, GG, Shana, Mark and Gosia, including more pool, dinner from the grill, and roasted marshmallows!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

July - Alex camp, a very hot summer

A very hot summer - 102 degrees on July 1st!  80's and 90's most of the month instead of 60's and 70's.  After camp, Alex went to the Centre de Loisir for a week and half before we left for our US vacation.

Alex goes to camp
Alex was at camp for the first two weeks of July outside of Dijon.  We have some pictures.  He had a great time, he came back in one piece, tan, and singing camp songs.

Park, eating cherries, JD's birthday, Alex returns from camp,

Food, trains, bowling, pizza, champagne.