Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Some pictures from before our Burgundy vacation.  We had some nice sunny days in Paris, including a Saturday when we walked all over the city.

Reading, eating, market, park, L'Anjou, more park, ice cream.

A long Saturday walking around Paris, Place de la Concorde, Tuileries for trampoline and playground, Rue de Rivoli to Palais-Royal, to bar to watch United game, through the Marais to Place des Vosges, stop at a quaint restaurant for some cheese and wine before walking through the Ile Saint-Louis for some cheese, then heading home.

Jardin du Luxembourg, St. Sulpice, St. Germain,  snacks in the 5th, Notre Dame, park.

end of August
-celebrations for the 100 year anniversary of the Liberation of Paris
-eating, park, shopping, eating

Friday, August 22, 2014


A quick three day trip to the Burgundy wine region (3 hours from Paris) before school starts September 2nd.  JD found a great chateau to stay in outside of Beaune, which is right in the middle of the two wine regions - the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits.

Alex loved the rental Fiat 500L, the trampoline at the chateau, and the escargots.  Vincent didn't like his uncomfortable French car seat (but put up with it anyway).  Vincent did enjoy running around the chateau and throwing rocks in the fountain.  Vincent also perfected his skill of falling asleep on the table after eating on this trip.

fyi - setting on camera allows for 4 "art shots" that is what you will notice on some of the photos that are duplicates.

Drive down to Beaune, stopping in Saulieu for lunch.  We had to stop playing the "My Cows" game there were so many cows.  Arriving Chateau de Challenges.   Dinner at local restaurant.

Breakfast delivered to our separate "round house" hotel room in a picnic basket through a secret door in the closest!  A visit to Chateau de Savigny-lès-Beaune, the most unique museum with a massive historical race car, fighter plane, motorcycle, helicopter, fire engine, wine harvesting machine collection you have ever seen, laid out among the countryside and vineyards.  Who doesn't enjoy a MIG fighter jet, a Sikorsky,  and a chateau?  The kids loved it.  It was really cool. Then off to a nice sushi lunch and naps.  Dinner in a wine cave in Beaune.  So good.  When can we go back?

Funny pictures of Alex and Vincent in the hotel bed sleeping.  A quick drive through some vineyards and small towns, then a picnic before we left Beaune to head home to Paris.  A quick stop at IKEA Evry for some lamps (no pictures) but the cheap price was worth the stop!

JD's pictures of the airplane-race car-motorcycle-chateau museum

trampoline and Aloxe-Corton (small town in Burgundy with cool chateau)

Thursday, August 14, 2014


One of our favorite places to go is Chantilly.  It's a 20 minute train ride from Paris, and a nice long walk to the Chateau and gardens.  This time, we ate at the restaurant in the Chateau (only a 3 hour meal) and then enjoyed the gardens.  We also visited the Chateau museum, but didn't make it to the horse museum yet.  Vincent loved taking the train and running, running, running around the park, and throwing rocks in the water.

Train to Chantilly, walking to Chateau, the meal.

After the meal, lots more walking and enjoying the park.

more pictures
From JD's camera.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

end of July, into August - more sun, more food, more Paris

End of July - park, Anjou, grocery store, bus into town to buy Nespresso capsules, a visit to Alex's afterschool program (Centre de Loisir), butcher, awesome lunch at Cornelius one block away (Alex had the sardines and lamb).

A hot and sunny Saturday.  First two pictures are of the apartment building directly across the street from us.  We first went to JD's office to pick up his computer.  Then we went to the Parc Andre Citroen which is built on the site of the old Citroen automobile factory.  Then we headed to the Marais for drinks and snacks before going home.

JD was in Toronto for the week.  We went to La Defense to find Alex a desk lamp.  We spent lots of time in the park, even though it was very hot towards the end of the week.  And yes, that's truffle sauce on the hamburger at the end.  Yum!

Lunch in the 19th before walking around the Parc aux Buttes Chaumont.

First, a tent in the salon.  Then, two administrative days - a visit to the US Embassy, and the Prefecture to take care of some paperwork.