Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alex's Birthday party

May 24
We celebrated Alex's 8th Birthday with a party for his school friends, including a Monster Jam moonbounce.  The weather was warm and sunny but not humid, and there was lots of jumping and running around.  Toots and Aunt Shana came, and Mace, Suzanne, Eddy, and Angie were also able to come.

more from the party

Day after party, meeting Aunt Shana and Toots in DC for brunch at Bistro Bohem.

Party prep, Alex and FE enjoying a day off school.

More gardening, snacks, naps in the car.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


May birthday party
Happy Taurus Birthday, celebrating Marie (13), Mitchell (13), and Beth's birthday at Greg and Vicky's.  JD was there for a bit then he had to go to Paris to handle our apartment etc.

school, car, snacks, playing, sleeping

Alex's soccer game

Enjoying the nice weather, making pizza, Pierre's party at the Wheaton Sports Pavilion.

Hot! 90 degrees, felt like it was even hotter!  Time for the water. And then there was a lot of rain and flooding by Alex's school.

Alex's Spring piano recital.

Alex portraits

Alex's soccer game
Alex scored his first goal!  A very big day.

Gifts from JD's trip to Buenos Aires, gardening with Grannie.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebrating Alex's 8th Birthday at school

Madame Harrington's CE1 A class (second grade).

Celebrating cousin Eddy Lee's 7th birthday Go Karting with Mace and Suzanne and friends.

Celebrating Alex's birthday at Villa Maya, and visiting a friend who was away for a bit.