Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spain and France, The Basque region

Pictures from our week vacation in Spain and France, the Basque region, with a little bit of the Rioja region of Spain.  We had a great time being back in Europe.  The food was amazing (cheese, French bread, Rioja wine) and we saw some fantastic sights.

There were so many highlights it's hard to list them all.  Vincent loved sharing hotel beds with Alex.  Vincent loved to pee in the bidet in the Spanish hotels.  Alex loved counting the cows and sheep and horses.  Both boys became fans of "fizzy water".

Day 1
Arriving Bilbao, Spain via Paris.  Good Friday in downtown Bilbao. Pinxtos (tapas in the Basque region).
Day 2
A sunny Saturday in Bilbao.  Playground and snacks and jazz trio by the Guggenheim.
Drive to Bidart, France via San Sebastien, Spain.  Dinner in Bidart, France.

Bilbao, Spain and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

Day 3
Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France.

Day 4

Biarritz, France
Drive to Sare, France and take La Rhune, a 90 year old train to the top of summit, 905 meters.

lunch in Sare, France

La Rhune train up the mountain

Day 5
Drive to the Rioja region of Spain, lunch in Pamplona.  Stopped to see the castle in Olite, Spain.  Checked into Hotel Echaurren.  Dinner at hotel.

Pamplona, Olite, Ezcaray, Spain 

Day 6
April 23, 2014 - Alex's 8th Birthday!
Walking around the town, Ezcaray, Spain.  Drive to Haro, Spain.  Dinner back in Ezcarary.

Day 7
Drive back to Bilbao via Vitoria-Gastiez.  Stay by airport for early flight.  Sushi dinner in Bilbao.

Day 8
Back to Washington via Paris, enjoying the Air France lounge.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break and Passover

more Altoona Passover pictures

rest of the pictures


Second night of Passover in Altoona.

To Altoona for Passover at Aunt Adele and Uncle Ed's.

Alex get and Erector Set from Z and GG for his 8th birthday!

Planting daffodils with Grannie.


Fredericksburg, VA and George Washington's Ferry Farm (boyhood home).

Alex's piano recital.

Making lunch.