Monday, June 25, 2012

last Sunday Funday

June 10 was our last Sunday Funday, we had a picnic in St. Germain-en-Laye.  Unfortunately it was gray and cool, but we had a nice time anyway.  Then JD made some macarons.  Mmmm.


more pictures

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Budapest - all the pictures

Day 1
Arriving Budapest.  Hot, beautiful day. Walking around Vaci utca shopping district.  Drinks and snacks at Gerbeaud Cafe.  Back to hotel to check in and rest.  Metro to Kati's to visit with her family.  Dinner at Dunacorso, one of Bela's favorite restaurants.
small camera
large camera

Day 2
Another hot, gorgeous day. We walked a bit, down to O utca to see if we could find Grandmother's old apartment.  Then we walked down Andrassy utca before taking the old metro to Hosok Tere with the monuments of all the Hungarian Kings.  We walked a bit into the park to see the statue of "Anonymous".  Then we ate a delicious meal at Robinson restaurant on the lake in the park. It was too hot to go to the zoo, so we went back to the hotel to rest before heading out for drinks and dinner along the Danube.
small camera
large camera

Day 3
Bela's interment ceremony at Budapest Újköztemető, the large cemetery.  Kati planned a lovely ceremony with flowers and music and a priest.  Tibor and Laci and George and Esther also joined us.  Then lunch at the Blue Tomato on Pannonia utca, another favorite Bela restaurant we ate at quite a bit in 2001 and 2004.  After a rest at the hotel (with air conditioning!), we had drinks and dinner on a barge on the Danube where Alex wanted to go.
small camera
large camera
Schaffer ceremony pictures

Day 4
93 degrees and hot hot hot.  We went to Castle Hill for a quick visit and walk around to Matyas Templom (Matthias Church) and Fisherman's Bastion.  Then we went to see the hunting fountain, and took the funicular back down the hill and walked across the Chain Bridge.  Then a quick lunch on Vaci utca before heading to the airport and back to Paris, where it was cloudy, cool, and rainy.
small camera
large camera

Budapest - Bela's interment Ceremony

Bela Andrew Banyasz 
November 26, 1928 - January 27, 2011

The pictures of Bela's interment ceremony at Budapest Újköztemető, taken by Bela's good friend Lazlo (Laci) Schaffer, a professional photographer.  Bela's ashes are buried with his mother and Aunt Rose, per his wishes.


JD's pictures from Bela's interment ceremony

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Just a few pictures from our trip to Budapest. We're here mainly to inter the ashes of Gabriella's dad, but we're spending some time to enjoy the city as well.

pictures from the first 2 days

pictures from second night

JD's pictures from Bela's interment (more  from his friend Schaffer)

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Birthday pear tart

We finally gave Vincent his birthday tart which he had difficulty pulling apart, but enjoyed eating!


some more tart pictures

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Vincent!

Vincent enjoyed opening his birthday cards and licking and chewing on them.  He had a good day, including a very nice birthday meal at Cornelius, our favorite French restaurant.  We had the asparagus flan and côte de boeuf, more than enough food for the entire family.  We were so full we didn't get to his pear tart yet!

birthday pictures

more pictures

pictures from the week

food, flower, and Paris pictures

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


We've had a few warm days to enjoy the park.  It was 80 degrees on Saturday, hence Vincent was sporting his cool new top from Z and GG.  Then it turned gray and cool.  Ah, Paris.

Vincent likes to crawl around on the grass in the park. Vincent has started to say Alex - he says "Ah - ixe", and Vincent - "ince".  He can also pull himself up to a standing position in the crib.  Watch out!  He had his 1 year check-up and weighs 23 lbs. and is 31" tall - right on target with what Alex and JD were, except that JD weighed slightly more.