Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alex's 5th Birthday

We took Alex to Disneyland Paris to celebrate his 5th birthday.  We spent 2 days and 1 night so we would have enough time to explore.  The weather was great, which explains why the entire world was there, that and it is also Spring Vacation.  It only took 1 hr 15 mins from our apartment via Metro and RER.  Of course we had a great time!

Alex liked meeting all the characters, especially Tigger and Mickey and Buzz Lightyear.  He liked the Lightening McQueen ride, Slinky Dog Roller Coaster, and It's a Small World.  Highlights of the hotel included the bunk beds in the room and the pool. On Saturday we went to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

day 1

day 2

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye
Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
On the Disneyland Railroad


For the first Seder we attended a pot luck dinner with the liberal congregation across town (CJL), where the female Rabbi is the wife of the Rabbi at our synagogue (Kehilat Gesher).  We made deviled eggs, and the rest of the food was very good.  On the second night we went back to CJL for the community Seder with over 300 people.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bordeaux vacation

We just returned from five days in Bordeaux for vacation and had a great time - good food, wine, scenery, and weather.

April 13.  TGV to Bordeaux from Paris, 3 1/2 hours, rental car in Bordeaux.  Fantastic lunch in Bordeaux.  Drove up the D2 (the wine road) to our hotel "Chateau Beau Jardin", complete with pond, ducks, goat, and glass of wine to greet us.  Delicious dinner at Chateau.

April 14.  We drove all over the Medoc region today.  Up to Soulac-sur-Mer, a quaint seaside town on the Atlantic Ocean, to touch the Atlantic from the other side.  Then over to the other side of the Gironde estuary, to see a lighthouse and the fishing cottages.  Then back down the Chateau and wine road to Pauillac for lunch at Lynch-Bages and a tour and tasting at the vineyard. Then over to the Lake, and back to our Chateau.  The proprietors of the Chateau had two children who Alex made friends with, and helped water their garden (I made him get out of the goat pen though when he climbed in).

movie of Atlantic Ocean from the other side

running near the Gironde

April 15.  On to another vineyard the Chateau La Tour de By, to walk around the vineyard, have a tour of the wine cellar, and another tasting.  Alex really enjoyed this one. Then it was off to our second destination east of Bordeax, St. Emilion.  We stopped in St. Emilion for a bit before heading to our second hotel, the Chateau de Sanse, for wine on the terrace and another good meal.

running around the pond
wine tasting

April 16.  Breakfast at Chateau de Sanse, then drove the scenic route back to St. Emilion.  A tour of the vineyards with the Petit Train, then a walk around the town and lunch.  Another scenic drive back along the Dordogne River to the hotel, wine on the terrace, and dinner.

April 17.  Another scenic drive back to Bordeaux to take the TGV back to Paris.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring has officially arrived with some lovely weather and flowers.  Finally!

Sunday Funday Passover
food flowers playground
carousel cafe Sunday in Paris

Monday, April 04, 2011


JD had a business trip to Moscow in March.